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My philosophy is that physiotherapy offers patient-centered, evidence-based therapeutic treatment that uses an active approach to rehabilitation. In other words, a patient and their therapist work tog...

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Olivia Stanwood

My Journey Towards Physio

I grew up in Vancouver, BC, as part of a large athletic family. From a young age I was involved in a wide variety sport…soccer, field hockey, baseball, track & field, swimming, alpine skiing, water skiing, gymnastics, karate, volleyball, rugby…I tried it all! While my main sport was soccer, the rest of my family has a huge passion for ice hockey. Needless to say, many injuries were sustained between my siblings and my own years of exploring the world of sport (namely for myself: Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome and patellar tendonitis during my adolescence and later on multiple shoulder dislocations), and thus physio was never too far away. 

            After high school I moved to Calgary, AB, to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences with concentrations in Chemistry and Biology. While I loved learning about science (especially Chemistry!) and working hands-on in the lab to solve problems, I felt something was missing to make this field my career. After my studies I began working as a receptionist in a physiotherapy clinic back in Vancouver and immediately felt at home in that environment. I loved being a part of the team, building connections with each person that walked through the door, and getting to observe how each person advanced through their journey working with their physiotherapist. So, I decided to move once again, this time to Montreal, QC, to study physiotherapy at McGill University. 

Why I Love Physio

I love physiotherapy because it blends together many of the things important to me: helping and caring for others, creating human connection, teaching and learning, problem solving, being detail-oriented, and simply being active. 

I find the human body and how it moves mesmerizing, and I love that I get to apply my knowledge of biomechanics to each individual case in a very hands-on way. Orthopedic physiotherapy practice is a prime example of where theory meets application. Just having the expert knowledge is not enough, the therapist must also be flexible, creative, and able to adapt their treatment approaches to the individual presenting before them. This creates a rewarding challenge every day, and encourages ongoing growth through life-long learning.

I had initially been introduced to physio in a sports-related context, but through my studies and experiences I have seen the range of circumstances where physio can be beneficial, which makes me love it that much more. 

My Experience

My primary expertise is musculoskeletal injury/conditions in a private clinic setting. This includes conditions such as sprains, strains, hypomobilities, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, post-op rehab…etc. I have also worked in an acute hospital setting seeing patients immediately post-operation (hip and knee replacement, surgical fixation of fractures, etc). During my studies at McGill, I was a student therapist with the Martlet’s Women’s hockey team, treating the players at the rink before, during and after their games/practices.

I also have experience working with patients with various neurological conditions. This includes both a short-term rehab hospital setting (stroke, Parkinson’s), and a long-term out-patient clinic for adults with neuromuscular conditions (muscular dystrophy, ataxia). 

Continuing Education

I have taken over 140 hours of continuing education courses to expand my practice and expertise further. This includes part A and B from the McKenzie Institute International (mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine) - with plans to complete all five parts offered by the institute. As well, level I and II in advanced manual therapy courses through the AQPMA. I am also certified as a Pain Truth Program Health Care Provider through the APTEI. 


I am very passionate about the anatomy of the human body; I find it so fascinating how complex it is and yet how fluidly it can all work together. I absolutely love learning and teaching, to me the sharing of knowledge and experiences with others is one of our greatest privileges as humans. I still love sports as much as I ever have. I love yoga for the physical and meditative benefits of it. I also love swimming and road cycling – my current personal challenge is to complete my first solo triathlon by the end of summer 2023! In my time to relax, I cannot deny my sweet tooth – I love to bake desserts!

There is a little snapshot of me, I am looking forward to getting to know you further as we work together in the future 😊

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC
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