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Neel Chandarana
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Master's Degree in Physiotherapy at Mcgill University


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Personal Guarantee
Personal Guarantee

You’ll receive a full refund if you’re not entirely satisfied during the first visit or if the health professional thinks that he/she may not be right professional for you at this time, to address your specific health concern.

Follow through
Follow through

Your therapist guarantees that he/she will be reachable to answer any questions you may have about your prescribed treatment and anything related to your condition. Response time within a day.

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After 3 months together, a few ups and downs, and gradual return to activities, Miss B. was able to run, hike, and exercise without even thinking about the pain that used to bother her so much. She also able to return to her normal tasks at work. She did not think she would be able to go back to her normal self again but she did.
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Mcgill University
Master's Degree in Physiotherapy


Running Injuries
Every year, 50% of runners will suffer a running-related injury and most of them are easily preventable. Some people also complain of calf, knee or back discomfort while running. Whether you are an amateur runner or a more experienced one, I can help you heal your pain and injuries related to running, but also teach you how to prevent them.
Back Pain and Sciatica
Back pain affects a lot of people. Many with back pain don’t do anything to fix it because they think it’s normal and they just try to live with the pain. It causes them to move less and limit their activities. They avoid bending and have difficulty picking up objects from the floor. I can help you get rid of your pain, show you how to build a strong and resilient back, and teach you ways to prevent back pain in the future.
Shoulder Pain
Pain when reaching for something high on a shelf, sleeping on your shoulder, or trying to put your hand behind you back? Do not wait to consult if this is your case. We do so many things with our arm every day and shoulder pain can really prevent one from functioning. Physiotherapy can help you get your range and strength back, and allow you to use your shoulder in a pain-free manner.
Knee Pain
Knee pain can limit simple activities such as squatting, going up or down the stairs, or even walking. Do not let knee pain restrict your mobility or your sports. Most knee injuries will get better with simple exercises. Do not wait before consulting.
Vertigo and Dizziness
Feeling like the room is spinning around you? You feel dizzy when changing positions or getting in and out of bed? You often lose your balance? Your vision gets blurry when you move your head quickly? Vestibular rehabilitation is a branch of physiotherapy that can help with those symptoms. If dizziness or vertigo is impacting your life, I can help you.
Jaw Pain
Pain when eating, yawning, or opening wide? Dysfunctions of the jaw, also known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), are pretty common and it can lead to pain, cracking, and also headaches. The good thing is that your jaw is a joint like any other. You can retrain your habits and posture, your jaw mobility, and how the muscles around your jaw work to make your symptoms go away. TMJ rehabilitation is one of my specialties and I can help you if you are dealing with pain around the jaw.

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Such as soccer, hockey, tennis, skiing, and more.
I love eating and trying out new restaurants.

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