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William Hardy-Abeloos
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Treatment Philosophy

Growing up in France, Will’s journey into the world of Judo started at the Stade Français Judo club. With almost 20 years of Judo experience and a black belt, Will won 2nd place at the Quebec Provincial tournament in 2018 and has competed in international judo tournaments.​ In obtaining his Physical Therapy degree at McGill University, Will has worked high level athletes in the McGill American Football Varsity team as well as with the general population at the Jewish General Hospital. Science aficionado, he was also able to grow his knowledge of exercise science as he assisted with some research at McGill’s Health and Wellness promotion laboratory. He now works at Clinique MV, where he aims to get people back to doing the things they love with top-level rehabilitation, all the while bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance.Read less


Sports Physiotherapy
Some patients perform at a high level, whether it be in competitive sports or leisure activities. These patients need an approach in line with their objectives: - need to adapt your training despite your injury to maintain your fitness? - need to provide alternative movement strategies to play your sport and perform without injuring yourself? - need a fast recovery to not only normal function but back to optimal performance? Sports physio is the way to go.
Chronic pain
You’ve seen every health care professional you can think of, received every diagnosis you can’t pronounce, and yet what’s meaningful to you has not improved at all? You need a different approach. An holistic approach that focuses not on achieving an impossible arbitrary goal set by your physiotherapist like fixing your back scoliosis, but more an approach that allows you to enjoy life DESPITE your back scoliosis. Replace scoliosis with any other uphysical deformity and the approach is the same.
Post-Op/Post-Trauma Knee
After a fall or injury at the knee, you need to know whether you’ll be going for surgery or if you can and would rather do conservative treatment. Your physiotherapist is there to provide you with evidence based information to help you make a decision based on what matter to YOU. I also specialize in getting you back to full performance as fast as possible following most knee surgeries and traumas.
Acute back pain
Something went wrong, you can’t get out of bed because of your back pain. Well, as soon as you can, make your way to my clinic and we can go through a thorough evaluation to determine what you should do next. If physio is the way forward, I specialize in creating a comfortable space to give you the confidence and interventions needed to get back on track, and better!

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Address: 1303 Greene Ave Suite 305
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