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Danny Dinh

Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy at McGill University


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376 Victoria Ave 3rd floor, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1C3, 3rd floor

Treatment Philosophy

1. I optimize my patients' recovery time frame as much as possible. 2. I empower my patients to be as independent in their rehab as much as possible. Here is what your first visit with me would look like: a private room where I listen to your story, an in-depth examination of your joints biomechanics, and a combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription that will help you achieve your goals. To become the best physiotherapist for you, I have studied and taken over 120 hours of continuing education courses in the last year with some of the most renowned medical learning institutes in the world such as the McKenzie Method, the Pain Truth Certification, the Integrated Musculoskeletal Care, and La Clinique du Coureur. I have also treated all sorts of clientele: Olympic-level athletes, varsity Basketball and Rugby players, the average weekend warrior, and other healthcare professionals such as orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, physiatrists, and nurses.Read less

Story Highlight

By listening to her history and analyzing the activities that typically made her feel better or worse, we understood that her knees’ pain was referred from her lower back. With one simple low back exercise, we were able to get rid of the pain completely. Over a decade of pain was resolved in 2 weeks! What touched me the most about this case was how relieved my patient was once she realized she could go back to her daily walks and enjoy her retirement.
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McGill University
Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy
McKenzie Institute International
Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Parts A-D
Integrated Musculoskeletal Care, Inc.
Outcomes-Accountable Clinician
Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI)
Pain Truth Certification
The Running Clinic
New developments in the prevention of running injuries
The Better Clinician Project
Lower Limb, Upper Limb, and Spinal Courses


Back pain
I've taken over 60 hours of specialized continuing education to treat back pain. Through a combination of the McKenzie-MDT method, manual therapy, and my knowledge of strength training and conditioning, we'll get you back on your feet.
Neck pain
I've personally experienced chronic neck pain in my life and know how it can be so disabling. In our very first session together, we'll explore the precise source of your neck pain and immediately start the process of working on your goals.
Did your wrist pain arrive out of the blue, for no apparent reason? Does it seem to spike up in pain for no reason? Is it preventing you from doing activities you love such as drawing or writing? Or perhaps did you sustain an injury after a bad fall? Through the power of a mechanical evaluation, we'll get to the source of your pain and find the solution to get you back to your activities.
Jaw problems/pain
Jaw pain is commonly mechanical in nature and can be attributed to a muscular or a joint. In physical therapy, we narrow down the source of the pain and give exercises and perform techniques to resolve the issue.
Knee pain
I treat anything from knee sprains due to sports, knee fractures, knee replacements, and insidious chronic knee pain.
Shoulder pain
During your evaluation, you can expect an interview of how your pain behaves, your personal goal and previous history, and a thorough mechanical evaluation of your shoulders. This will allow us to narrow down the source of your shoulder pain so that we may optimize your timeframe of recovery.

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Address: 376 Victoria Ave 3rd floor, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1C3, 3rd floor
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Dec 2022
Due to the nature of my job where I spend most of my time sitting down in front of a computer (Software Developer), I started to feel some pain under foot when doing specific movements. At first, I thought that maybe it was a nerve impingement so I tried to treat it myself for 2-3 weeks. After that period, I couldn't see any results and that's when I decided to contact Danny. From the get-go, Danny was very receptive to my pains and was able to make a thorough analysis of my current condition using a scientific approach, which for me I am accustomed to due to my background in Science and that already was a win for me. After our 1st session, he had given me instructions to follow and already after 1 week, the results were fantastic. After 3 weeks of our initial meeting, the pain had already disappeared and thanks to his recommendations, I am now confident that I can tackle this same pain if it were to come back under the same conditions. Danny really listens to you and is very clear in his explanations, making it easy to absorb all the information. I definitely recommend him as he goes straight-to-point and has a clear view of how he wants to bring his patients to their desired goal.
Sep 2022
I had a persistent pain in my ankle from an injury I suffered a year ago. Time and at-home recovery methods only took me so far, there was still a pain that I felt when my ankle rotated in certain directions. I wanted to fix the problem. I asked around for a good physiotherapist. A friend of mine referred me to Danny, and after working with Danny for only a handful of sessions he was able to help me get rid of the pain through a prescription of certain movements and exercises that we tracked and tweaked week to week. I can confidently run and play sports again after not being able to for a year. Highly recommend him!
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