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Youri Laplante-El Haïli
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Master of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy at McGill University


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Treatment Philosophy

I learned how to help people like you with the McKenzie approach of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) after graduating from physiotherapy school at McGill University. I obtained my MDT certification from the McKenzie Institute International in 2019 and am currently in the process of obtaining the MDT diploma. There are currently only six MDT diploma holders in Quebec. Read less


Personal Guarantee
Personal Guarantee

You’ll receive a full refund if you’re not entirely satisfied during the first visit or if the health professional thinks that he/she may not be right professional for you at this time, to address your specific health concern.

Private Room
Private Room

Your therapist works in a clinical setting with a private room and not in a common shared treatment area with other therapists. You’ll receive your treatment in all privacy and tranquility.

Free cancellation for 24 hours
Free cancellation for 24 hours

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment completely free of charge.

Covered by most insurances
Covered by most insurances

Physiotherapy is a service which is covered by most insurances just like going to the dentist.

Save time
Save time

You can save time on commuting and have a seamless treatment experience integrated within your day because this therapist is trained in doing online physiotherapeutic diagnostic. Don’t break the flow in your day by selecting online.

Free parking
Free parking

You can get free parking near the clinic.

Follow through
Follow through

Your therapist guarantees that he/she will be reachable to answer any questions you may have about your prescribed treatment and anything related to your condition. Response time within a day.

Story Highlight

Outside of work, I'm a fairly laid-back person. I recently moved to Saint-Constant where I live with my wife and our puppy Peyo. I (try to) work out four times a week, read, watch Netflix, listen to podcasts and carry on with my lifelong journey of personal growth. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to working with you!
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McGill University
Master of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy
Master's degree in Physiotherapy from one of the best universities in the world.
Université de Montréal
Master's of Science
Wrote my thesis on the impact of oxidative stress on the health of endothelial cells.
McGill University
Bachelor's of Science
McKenzie Institute International
MDT Certification
Post-graduate training on using Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in spinal and peripheral joint pains, a patient-centered approach aimed at analyzing biomechanics to improve pain and function.


Back pain and sciatica
I continue to build my expertise in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), which is increasingly considered the best way to assess and treat back pain and sciatica. Some patients describe immediate results and are able to treat themselves using this approach. It can be the key to a pain-free life!
Neck and upper back pain
Neck pain can be a pain in the neck! Get it? More seriously, if you suffer from stiffness and pain in the neck, there's a high probability we only need to find one movement that after repeating a few times gets your mobility better and your pain down. We must also explore whether you avoid positions and activities that make your pain worse (sometimes this can be looking down at your phone or slouching).
Tendon pain
When in doubt, doctors will tell you you have a tendinitis. Fortunately, they're often wrong. Don't get me wrong, we know how to treat most tendinitis but it takes a few months to improve. But more often than not, the issue actually comes from a joint rather than a tendon and these joint-related pains can improve in a few days of proper treatment.

Spoken Languages

My mother tongue!
Perfectly fluent, thanks to many years of University education in English
I speak it better than I write it but I can definitely conduct a physiotherapy session in Spanish.


I have been using the Waking Up app and highly recommend it. Taught me how to observe the distance between "me" and my thoughts, emotions, what I see/hear/touch. It's like when you're at the movies and realize there's a difference between the movie itself and the room where you're watching it. Fascinating!
Working out
Four times a week
Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Brett Weinstein. I like to hear from smart people with whom I disagree. How else would I learn?
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