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Jordan Octeau

Master's in Physical Therapy at McGill University


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100-201 Av Cartier (Custom Conditioning)

Treatment Philosophy

With Jordan you will get a clear answer as to what is bothering you, why, and what you can do about it. He will help you create a plan that makes sense to you, to achieve goals that are meaningful to you. Whether you had a traumatic injury or are bothered by a pain that seems to have come out of nowhere, whether you just want to walk or run normally again, or lift heavier weights than before, Jordan is the right therapist for you. In his free time, Jordan is a Powerlifter, plays videogames, enjoys woodworking and cooking.Read less


Personal Guarantee
Personal Guarantee

You’ll receive a full refund if you’re not entirely satisfied during the first visit or if the health professional thinks that he/she may not be right professional for you at this time, to address your specific health concern.

Private Room
Private Room

Your therapist works in a clinical setting with a private room and not in a common shared treatment area with other therapists. You’ll receive your treatment in all privacy and tranquility.

Free cancellation for 24 hours
Free cancellation for 24 hours

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment completely free of charge.

Covered by most insurances
Covered by most insurances

Physiotherapy is a service which is covered by most insurances just like going to the dentist.

Story Highlight

After a few months of seeing each other, J. had regained full use of that shoulder, and was then even able to press 40lbs over her head with that arm alone—something she had never done in her life. Since then J. has become a training client of mine and is now in the best shape of her life.
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McGill University
Master's in Physical Therapy
McGill University
Bachelor of Physical Therapy


Barbell Sports
Powerlifting, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, etc. My primary expertise is centered around helping barbell athletes stay out of pain and in the gym through the use of strategies that work best for you. By using proper programming, load management, education, and any other specialized method or modality you may need, I will help keep you out of pain and get you back under the bar ASAP.
Back Pain
A false move, a heavy box, or no reason at all. Low back pain will affect at least 80% of people throughout their lives, and I am no stranger to it myself. An episode of chronic low back pain that lasted 2 years is part of the reason I became a Physio. Let me help you calm down that pain, and build your back up stronger than it ever was before.
Referred Pain
Do you have a shoulder pain that is sometimes in your neck, or shoulder blade? Sometimes it goes down to your elbow, maybe even your hand? Or maybe you have pain in the ankle for no reason, and maybe it moves up to your knee. Maybe you have back pain & hip pain that sometimes travels down your thigh. No matter the case, I deal with cases like yours on a daily basis, and many times some simple strategies can get you well on your way to feeling better.
Shoulder Pain
Does your shoulder hurt when you Bench Press, Shoulder Press, do push-ups, or any other type of pressing movement? Or maybe it hurts when you put a plate away in the cupboard, or put on your jacket. No matter the source of the pain, I have helped many patients regain the range of motion and strength their shoulder once had. We will make your shoulder feel whole again.
Chronic pain
You have seen many different professionals, received even more diagnoses, and years later you're still not feeling like yourself. I will help you become more independent, more resilient, and find your "self" again.

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Video Games
Wood Working

Clinic location

Address: 100-201 Av Cartier (Custom Conditioning)
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Mar 2022
Jordan has been great. He has helped me with my powerlifting and strength training for many years. He has helped me deal with pain on some movements, cleared up many misconceptions, and is truly a master of his craft when it comes strength training. I would recommend Jordan to anyone.
Mar 2022
After a fall that resulted in a broken foot I sought out a rehabilitation plan with Jordan I was shown the correct manner to us a cane And the exercises needed to regain mobility. With this interactive program I was able to strengthen my muscles and regain balance My life style has improved and I am in less pain I attribute the results to the care program that was put in place I was told to use a cane
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